A traveling group of criminals are now targeting Eastern Iowa. Normally when I think of a traveling gang, I think of a circus group or a traveling carnival, but this is nowhere close to that. Honestly, this is just straight-up creepy. According to KCRG, they are known as a "Felony Lane Gang."

Hopefully, I'm not testing fate by saying this but I've thankfully never had a vehicle of mine broken into and I'm surely not looking for it to start happening. Growing up in a fairly big city we were taught to always lock our car doors when we got out of them. It won't always prevent someone from breaking into your car but the amount of people willing to break your car window and dig around inside is vastly smaller than the number of people willing to open an unlocked car and make a quick getaway.

If you have the habit of not locking your car when you leave it, you should start making it a priority. Even if your car is sitting in your apartment building's parking lot or your driveway, you need to lock your car doors. These criminals are taking anything and everything, varying from money, bank cards, credit cards, checkbooks, and laptops. In the worst-case scenario, they're stealing the car itself, according to KCRG.

The Hiawatha Police Department shared this video on their Facebook page which shows a criminal opening unlocked cars, which are parked in someone's driveway. These aren't random cars on the side of the road, this is someone's home, where you are supposed to feel safe. Sadly your car is not, even in your own driveway. The police are calling this a "crime of opportunity" and are asking you to take the time to make sure your cars are locked with valuables out of sight.

In my opinion, even if your car is in the garage you might want to consider locking it. Hopefully, this gang of criminals is caught and brought to justice. The general public can do an amazing job of being the eyes and ears for police departments. If you see or witness anything that looks sketchy, out of place, or unusual, be sure to call the police.

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