How would you spend $312 million? The Cedar Rapids Community School District is trying to do just that. The first open house was held yesterday by the Cedar Rapids School District, as they wanted to be able to answer questions and share what ideas the district has in place for the $312 million bond proposal.

According to KCRG, community members gathered at Jefferson High School on Monday, where the Superintendent, Noreen Bush, answered as many questions as she could about the plan. What would happen to the middle schools? What's the plan for the new aquatic center? What's happening to the high schools? Which school would my child go to?

All of those were answered by Noreen and for some of the highlights of the proposed plan, you can see those at KCRG.

If this bond proposal gets a yes from voters in March there will be significant changes for children in middle school as well as homeowners. Middle schools Harding, McKinley, and Roosevelt would all be closed. Franklin, Wilson, and Taft would be renovated. According to KCRG, the district also plans on adding another school that can hold 1,200 students. All four high schools would each be renovated as well. There is also a plan for a brand new, $19.35 million, Aquatic Center.

One of the bigger concerns for citizens of Cedar Rapids is this proposed plan will hike up the price of property taxes. KCRG reports residents can expect to pay $2.70 per $1,000 valuation. This totals out to be about $133 for a 100,000 home.

After Monday's meeting, it appears as if the school district has a lot of support behind the bond proposal. Some parents do have concerns over the changing of boundary lines and which school their kid would go to, while others aren't a fan of the property tax increase, but there were a lot of attendees who were on board with the plan.

According to KCRG, the Cedar Rapids School district has not asked for a bond since the year 2000. If you were unable to attend the meeting yesterday but would like to attend future meetings, there will be a meeting on Thursday from 6-8 p.m and Kennedy, and next week at Washington High School on Wednesday, also from 6-8 p.m.

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