Trace Adkins' "Them Lips (on Mine)" is an uncommon blend of sarcasm and seduction with his brand-new song. The singer dropped the catchy, uptempo tune in 2012, though it never found its way onto a full album (it peaked on the country charts just outside the Top 50).

Written by Jim Beavers and Tom Shapiro, "Them Lips (on Mine)" has a success story that's pretty remarkable for the Nashville songwriting world, however: It became the single fans know less than one week after conception. Below, Shapiro shares the story behind the song, in his own words.

We turned the song demo in on a Thursday. Someone in our office heard it and said, "That would be good for Trace Adkins."

He was cutting the next Monday. Usually you don't get cuts that quickly. He cut it Monday morning, and Tuesday he announced it was his [next] single!

The song just took us where the song took us. Sometimes there's a personal story behind it but sometimes the song just writes itself.

This story was originally written by Beville Dunkerley, and revised by Angela Stefano.

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