The radio personalities at Townsquare Media Waterloo got to have a little fun recently with the game "Who's Most Likely To?" If you don't know this game, here is the run down. Basically, one person comes up with a bunch of "what if" scenarios and everyone has to answer who the person they think is "most likely" to be in that scenarios. You really get a look as to who  knows who and who would succeed and fail in certain situations.

All of the willing victims (I mean participants) are part of our on-air team at Townsquare Media Waterloo. Johnny Marks and Tiffany Kay are from Marks in the Morning on K 98,5, James Patrick is on 97.7 KCRR, Elwin Huffman is the news and sports director for all stations and Trace ( who was not present at the video but still mentioned) is on Q 92.3.

Check out the video below and play along! Find out if they are still talking to one another after this...

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