If you need a little cuteness to help move your day along, I got you covered. Dogs are already pretty cute but what this one does makes it even cuter.

Sometimes we all need a little push or have to use a little more effort to get up and out of bed or off the couch and that goes the same for dogs. Apparently this little nugget has determined how much energy and effort it would need to get up on the couch and prepared correctly.... by doing 10 practice runs!

That's right, this dog runs up to the couch 10 times and then backs away again, getting a little faster each time. Hey, it is just preparing here for the big leap! Someone posted it on Facebook and is now going viral... I mean I am not surprised, I feel like we can all relate to having to put in a little more effort than usual for some of these simple things!

So what happened in the end? Did the dog make it on the couch? Watch the video to find out!

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