I'm a bit of an over tipper. I am that person when we go out to eat that throws a few extra dollars on the table if someone left a....less than satisfactory tip. I never EVER tip below twenty percent. I worked in food service plenty of times over the years, and my own Mom was a waitress and restaurant manager for most of her life. It was drilled into me to always tip and tip well.

My Mom even chimed in during the segment to give me her two cents. Just to preface this...she NEVER triple texts me, especially in the morning. So, this topic must have triggered something in her.


I remember talking to her about some of her bad customers, and let's just say...I wouldn't want to be on the bad side of this former waitress.

Iowa has it's own specific rules when it comes to tipping that you can check out here.

Tipping and how much you SHOULD tip is already a huge debate. I know we probably will never reach a mutual consensus about this, but apparently tipping was at one point actually ILLEGAL in Iowa.

This law went into effect in 1916 after going through the General Assembly of Iowa. You were not allowed to tip employees of restaurants, hotels, transportation employees, or barber shops. If you did end up slipping Jimmy the paper boy a few extra bucks you could face a misdemeanor, and this misdemeanor would be against the tipper AND the tippee. Both parties could get arrested, a 10-day stay in prison, and a fine.

A politician from our very own backyard in Waterloo proposed this new law. Representative Arch W. McFarlane thought tipping was so bad that this new law would mean, "savings of many thousands of dollars to the people of Iowa."

The Anti-Tipping Law was in place for four years and was put to rest in 1919, but not before an American President could get in to some trouble.

Woodrow Wilson and his wife even broke the law when they visited Des Moines in 1916. The first lady gave a quarter tip (as in 25 cents) to the cloakroom girl, and Woodrow tipped the newspaper boy a dime. You didn't see those to get in any trouble for that.

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