I don't know whether this is borderline stalker or actually helpful. On March 4th, Tinder U will launch the "Spring Break Mode" which will allow users to to see which other single people are heading to the same destination as you on your spring break. Basically, you can add your location of where you are going for your spring break and then it will match you up with other people going to the same destination.

There are so many future issues I can already see happening with this. I mean privacy of information issues, hacking to find people's locations and even going so far as stalking or worse?!

Or I could be a pessimist and it will help you find the one on your spring break, who knows? If this interests you and you want to know what you should packing for your spring break, ie. do you need a date outfit or not, make sure to keep an eye for the new "Spring Break Mode" coming for Tinder U in March.

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