When most people think of Spring Break, they probably think of epic beach parties... you know, the ones in the movies where they are just drinking, dancing and partying all night. However, for one college student, this is not the case.

Joshua Caraway is a 19-year-old freshman at the University of West Georgia and recently experienced his first spring break. He decided to go with a bunch of friends to Miami Beach for spring break this year but if you think that he just partied the whole time, you would be wrong.

Joshua spent a good portion of his spring break cleaning up trash on the beach! That's right, he walked along the beach with a trash bag and gloves on and picked up garbage on the beach. He has gone viral from this! A local news station posted pictures on Facebook about this and even a local cop went up to thank him for helping.

Joshua tried to get his friends to help him with the task but they all thought he was nuts. That didn't bother Joshua, as he loves animals and the environment and went ahead with it anyway.

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