I had a morbid thought today... most men won't receive flowers 'til they're dead. Obviously, at their funeral. In a world where we've begun to place more focus on how we talk to and treat each other (and trust me, I think that's a GOOD thing), should we still be stereotyping flowers as feminine? Or, am I way off and people don't do that?

I wanted answers so I reached out to several of my guy friends, and also to woman in my life. What I figured out was simple: Men don't really want flowers and, woman don't really want to give flowers to guys because they feel they should be getting 'em from the guy. Interesting, right? Here's some exact quotes from my friends.

Jason H., 33 (one of my best friends)
I'd rather not get a gift that I have to are for. Just give me the chocolate and skip the flowers.

The man has a point...

 JP., 43 (Coworker)
Maybe a potted plant but no, I don't want flowers.

Also a valid... I asked a woman, Kerri Mac, my cohost.

Kerri, 20-something
Yeah, I'd buy a man flowers. I think it shows him you care. Why not?

Fair enough, I suppose. I asked others and got the same general answer. But honestly, I need not look further then myself: do I want flowers? Honestly, like JP, I'd rather have a potted plant. At least that will live longer than one, maybe two weeks. And, perhaps even thrive under my care. What say you? Let me know.

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