Have you got your holiday shopping done and wrapped? Well, now that the big presents are out of the way on to the hardest part..... figuring out what stocking stuffers to get. I don't know about you but I personally think that figuring out what to put in people's stockings is the hardest part of gift shopping. I mean what do you put in there besides candy (especially not chocolate since it will probably melt in the stocking)?

Well, over the years my mom has been extremely creative when it comes to me and my siblings stockings. Always finding different little trinkets to put in there and making it one of our favorite gifts to open on Christmas morning. So for those of you struggling with stocking stuffer ideas, here are a few!

  • Socks- as cliche as this sounds, fuzzy socks are always a crowd favorite
  •  Giftcards- If my mom isn't wrapping our gift cards in multiple boxes in one (yes it happens all the time), she always finds cute gift card holders and puts it in our stockings so now you know why they are our favorite gifts.... Ideas: Starbucks, Kwik Star, Caribou Coffee...
  • Makeup- yes, this won't necessarily work for guys
  • Jewelry
  • IOU's- As in concert tickets that are coming, gifts that were not on time from Amazon, etc.
  • Candy- Duh
  • Movies- You can fit one in if the stocking is big enough!
  • Bath Bombs
  • Phone cases
  • Movie Tix
  • Audio Books
  • Essential oils


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