Your Christmas decorations are weak sauce unless someone can spot them from the International Space Station (duh). If you want astronauts to be able to see your glitzy display from far, far above the Earth, thanks to to science it's now possible to know what it will take.

A new study calculated how many Christmas lights you'd need to be visible from space. Well to be exact, the answer isn't THAT high. It's a mere 2,683 bulbs. Yeah, Clark Griswold, that is all it will take to have your display show up from space.

Oh, but there's a catch... You would need to be in a dark area, without a lot of light pollution, like the middle of a desert, or out in the country far from a large or even medium size city. If you're in a more crowded area, it would be a lot harder for someone in space to notice your lights. Good luck! Don't go broke giving this a shot.

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