This past weekend (July 14-16) "Grannies" from across the country gathered in Decorah, Iowa, for the 18th annual Granny Basketball National Tournament. The tournament was held at Luther College and a total of 19 teams from across the country participated. These competitors prove that age is nothing but a number and you're never too old to enjoy doing something you love.

If you've never heard of Granny Basketball, this is a league that was created for women over the age of 50 to compete, have fun, and get some exercise. According to Granny Basketball, each team chooses a charity or a non-profit that they give gate receipts.

Granny Basketball is like regular basketball with a few wrinkles in the rule book. Two dribbles are allowed per possession per player, and 3 points are awarded if a shot is made underhand. Players are not allowed to run or jump but "hurrying" is encouraged. There are 6 ladies on the court for each team and the games consist of four 8-minute quarters, according to Granny Basketball.

Other than a great form of exercise and a way to relieve stress, it appears as if being part of a community is a massive benefit to the competitors in the Granny Basketball League. NBC News put together a featured story on the championship tournament and at the 1:55 mark in this video, you hear about a woman who recently lost her husband and how her teammates have been a massive support to her.

*Grab Tissues*

Granny Basketball even received some attention from one of Iowa's biggest superstars, who also happens to know her way around a basketball court. Iowa Hawkeye star, Caitlin Clark, had this to say to NPR when she heard about the Granny Basketball League.

Oh, my gosh. I might have to check them out. That's tough. That's sick. That's awesome.

It turns out it's not just the Hawkeyes who have a pretty good women's basketball program. The Lady Redbirds of Carlisle, Iowa, took home some hardware, as they were the winners of the 2023 National Granny Basketball Tournament.

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