A study from 24/7 Wall Street just found the worst jobs in America and, somehow, 'public relations for Facebook' didn't make the list.

The rankings are based on the average pay, projected job growth, and stress.  Here are the 10 worst:

1.  Taxi driver.

2.  Logger.

3.  Newspaper reporter.

4.  Retail salesperson.

5.  Enlisted military personnel.  (The study admits it's tough to put serving your country on a 'worst jobs' list, but the pay is low and the stress is high.)

6.  Corrections officer.

7.  DJ. Ouch! Though this is the wedding, bar, karoake etc. DJ, they also mention us radio folk too.

8.  Broadcaster.

9.  Advertising salesperson.

10.  Painter.

There are a lot more on the list, with 25 in total including photographer, food server, roofer, welder, mechanic and many more. You can check 'em all out here - including a brief description of why that job is on the list. Did your job make the list? If you are happy with your working gig like I am, then tell them to shove it. 😂

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