Waterloo is the home of a new record holder and I don't mean the Waterloo located in Iowa. This man is from Waterloo, Canada. Kevin is a member of the Waterloo Gardeners Society and he believed he had an orchid plant that should be considered for a world record. Check out how massive this orchid plant is!

Kevin was attempting to break the record for the most flowers on an orchid plant. According to Waterloo Gardeners, the record he was trying to break was 106 flowers, which was set in 2016 by Karen Bartlett in the United Kingdom.

Kevin contacted the Waterloo Gardeners for an official count and it wasn't exactly a smooth sailing process at the beginning. When he brought the plant into the kitchen to have the flowers counted, the counter/s had to stop recording the first attempt because they lost count! Could you imagine waiting to find out if you're a world record holder, only to have to restart the count because of so many stems?

According to Waterloo Gardeners, they searched a few kitchen cabinets and decided to start adding wine charms to every stem that they counted, which would help prevent losing track of which stems had been counted and which had not.

During the second attempt of counting, 131 flowers in bloom were found, and Kevin Englisch is now the official Guinness World Record holder for most blooms on an orchid plant.

I've wanted to find a world record to attempt to break, for basically my entire life, so I've always been pretty curious about how it works behind the scenes. It's pretty interesting to learn that it's not always a smooth sailing process. Either way, congrats to this man on one of the most impressive plants I've ever seen.

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