What is the BEST overall restaurant in the Cedar Valley? Many of us have a 'go to' favorite with a menu item we're crazy about. But as an overall 'best' as voted on by area foodies, what is the very BEST place to eat? Well, TripAdvisor has just updated their websites for September and the best restaurant on the Cedar Valley is...

Montage in Cedar Falls on Main St.

Montage earned a fantastic 4.5 rating with 275 user votes. However, right behind Montage was Whiskey Road also on Main St. in Cedar Falls, which also gained 4.5 stars from users. They had 238 total votes from TripAdvisor users.

Number three overall was Galleria de Paco in downtown Waterloo (622 Commercial St). They also scored a 4.5 rating, with 205 total votes.

Honorable mention would go to Newton's Paradise Cafe, J's Homestyle Cooking, Morg's, Brown Bottle, Chapala and Texas Roadhouse. All scored at least a 4 star rating and had more than 100 total votes.

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