Well, it's 2019. Time for the first (maybe?) survey that will tick you off. Don't shoot the messenger, this is from Business Insider... See, not me. According to them and the methodology they used, the smartest city in the great state of Iowa is...

Yep, University Heights. But hear me (or Business Insider) out. It will make sense when you hear how they figured this out.

First off, the town of University Heights is small. With a population of just 1,070 according to the 2017 census, it barely makes the cut using Business Insiders system. They require the town have a populous of at least 1,000 folks. So, they barely make it, but they do. Next, check the geography... University Heights is just outside of Iowa City, in fact it is really a suburb. What's in Iowa City? The (Outback Bowl winning) University of Iowa. Home of the Iowa Hawkeye's.

Why does that matter? Business Insider found the highest percentage of adults over 25 who have at least a bachelor's degree. So... a town close to a huge college... with a population of barely over the survey minimum... Starting to make sense? Ok, for real, kudos to University Heights. Iowa is proud. And y'all having 83.3% of your population with a bachelors degree or higher is awesome. But come back to us when the population triples and you STILL have such a high percentage.

See the full map HERE.

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