Let's face it, as we get older, some of the things that we love to do gets harder and harder to do. Despite that knowledge, we continue to do them.

As I've joked for years, "I'm not old, but it is hell getting there." I first blurted that phrase when I was in my early thirties. Now that I'm creeping into my late forties, well, I won't say that I'm old yet, but I'm definitely older.

Before I go any further, I don't want anyone to think that I'm after sympathy, far from it. I'm the one choosing to do the things I do. Instead, I wanted to point it out, because I wanted to let you know you're not the only one 'paying the price to feel young'. Getting older hasn't stopped me from trying to do things I enjoy, but sometimes I think what the hell are you doing?

This same time last year, I joined the Waterloo Dek Hockey league that plays all of their games at the RiverLoop in downtown Waterloo.Man I am having so much, but I have to remember from time-to-time to not play the game like I'm 30. Despite that 'note to self' attitude, I still end up playing the game forgetting that I'm staring at the 'big 5-oh'.

I blame the young kids that are half my age running circles around me. "I'll show you that I still have some game." And I can show them up, but only once. Maybe twice, After that, I'm back to the bench wondering were I left my lung.

In my twenties and thirties, I was faster than most, and I'd say I was fairly agile, but that competitive part of my brain ignores the logic department, and forgets that after your twenties and thirties comes your forties.

I bruise easier.


I sometimes have to ice my joints after games.


But I still go back week after week to give and take some licks. The fact that I end up taking more than I give out is okay with me. Why? I'm having fun, I'm getting some exercise (so lay off me doc, LoL), and I understand the price I'm paying to feel young again. Eventually I'll have to 'act my age', but until then, Game On!

After all, what's life with out enjoyment? In a word, 'boring'!

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