If you're stressed and just need to cry it out, you might want to run out to your garage, or parking ramp.

A new survey from OnePoll listed a bunch of different places, and asked 2,000 Americans whether or not they've cried there before. And the place we're most likely to break down in tears is in our car.

53% of people said they've cried in their car before. Probably because it's one of the few places you know you're alone and traffic may have a small hand in it.

Here are the five places we're most likely to cry, according to the survey:

  • In our car, 53%.
  • At a family event, 41%.
  • At work, 34%.
  • Walking down the street, 29%.
  • At the grocery store, 16%.  (Ok, THIS one is a little surprising. Especially since 'at home' didn't make the list. Apparently it wasn't an option? Cuz who cries at the grocery store? Is it the cost of melons? What did I miss here? At least there's plenty of Kleenex available)

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