On Friday afternoon, the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department wrote on their Facebook page:

This morning while one of our deputies was on patrol, he spotted a vehicle that looked like it had a coyote lodged in the grill. The vehicle was stopped and it was confirmed that it was a coyote. Deputies assisted the driver removing the coyote and did an accident report. Unfortunately the coyote didn't survive. RIP WILE E. COYOTE.

I'm taking a guess that the driver knew he/she hit the coyote, but failed to realize that the animal had become lodged in the vehicle's grille. It wasn't until after the officer pulled over the driver that he/she became aware of the reason for the traffic stop.

According to the Iowa DNR, Coyotes are the most common wild canine species in Iowa, and is the states most common large predator. They hunt rabbits, mice and other small mammals, but they will eat anything from fruit, grass and insects, even trash and pet food.


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