Have you ever wondered what people ask about and search for online when they're wondering about Waterloo, Iowa? I found a site that will answer that question and some of the results are hilarious.

The website is called Answer The Public. It will allow you to enter a word or words and find out what questions people are asking at that moment about a particular subject. For fun, I did a query about Waterloo, Iowa. Here are real results of what people online are entering into search engines when they wonder about our area:

  • who's in jail waterloo iowa
  • waterloo iowa can redemption
  • is waterloo iowa safe
  • waterloo iowa for rent
  • waterloo iowa to mall of america
  • can redemption centers in iowa
  • what is vgm in waterloo iowa

So many thoughts. It appears the internet thinks we're the Iowa version of the TV show "Cops". There also seem to be a lot of people looking forward to recycling cans here. Good for them. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people want to road trip to the Mall of America in Minnesota. The company VGM seems to be confusing a lot of people concerned about abbreviations.

The cool thing is you can go search Answer the Public for yourself. NOTE: you can only search one thing per day for free unless you have a subscription. I've had more fun than I should have had looking up stuff on this site. Try it and who knows what weird internet things you might learn.

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