There is truly no place on this planet of ours where it is more socially acceptable to scarf down copious amounts of greasy, fatty, deep fried (awesome) food than a good ol' State Fair! Texas has a the BIGGEST one. Minnesota has the second biggest, but who has the BEST STATE FAIR?

Well, the folks at ranked the Top 17 State Fairs and ours in Iowa finished... #8

So what's the reasoning? The folks at Insider say:

Come for the now-iconic Butter Cow sculpture. Stay for the live entertainment, Fair Queen competition, and whopping 82 food-on-a-stick options. Known as "America's classic state fair," the Iowa State Fair has inspired books, three movies, and a Broadway musical. Casual.

But what kinda stinks, is a couple other Midwestern State Fairs were actually ranked higher. The top 10 State Fairs are:

  • Minnesota
  • Texas
  • The San Diego County Fair (this isn't even a STATE Fair!)
  • The Eastern States Exposition (Also not a State Fair as this encompases 6 states)
  • The Deerfield Fair (New Hampshire)
  •  The OC Fair (California)
  • The Wisconsin State Fair
  • The Iowa State Fair (YAY!)
  • The North Carolina State Fair
  • The Fryeburg Fair (Maine)

Well, I'd wager our CORN and abundance of national politicians is better, anyways!