It's not even October yet and the first Christmas product has already been announced?! Calm down, Christmas people! However, I don't think this is something that is going to be a huge hit.

Every year, stores try to outdo the other with the hot new product you have to get for Christmas, whether it is a toy, a movie, a drink or something else. This year, the first product in the running is... Brussels Sprout-Flavored Gin. Yeah, weird right?

There is a distillery in Scotland that is selling ornaments filled with different flavors of gin. One of the ones you can buy is a bright green one filled with Brussels Sprout- Flavored Gin. Why did they chose to use this vile vegetable? Well, they said it actually makes the rum sweet and nutty. If this sounds like something you would buy for yourself or maybe someone you are not a fan of... you are going to have to go to the U.K. to buy it because they only ship it there.

I don't think anyone is too upset by this.

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