It's been more than seven years since my wife and I went on a vacation to Kansas City to watch the Royals play baseball. It was a nice vacation, though more of a long weekend than anything. One of the highlights was the food. Not that this should come as a surprise to anyone who knows me. However the eatery that I miss most might be a surprise...

Yep, the fast food restaurant. As I sit here at work hungry (I ate my lunch at 7am). I want  a burger... but also tacos... maybe it's the pandemic talking, but I guess I'm saying I want comfort food. When my wife and I hit the Jack drive thru all those years ago, I remember being excited to get a chicken salad and two tacos, without having to go to more than one drive thru. Oh, my wife got a salad and rolled her eyes at my excitement.

So, how about you? Do you agree that of all the restaurants we're lacking in NE Iowa, Jack in the Box is the most significant? Let me know. Until I find some lunch, I'll just think about burgers and tacos. Mmm...

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