Before he was Judge Harry T. Stone from "Night Court" he was Harry The Hat the best con man Cheers had ever seen.

Harry Anderson passed away at the age of 65. He was found in his home and no foul play is expected at this time.

My older brother was very into watching the show "Night Court" where Anderson played Judge Harry T. Stone and really made a name for himself on the dynamite sitcom. But it was staying up watching "Cheers" with my parents that I first heard of Harry Anderson. He had a recurring role as Harry "The Hat" who was a con artist who often got the best of Coach, Cliff and the rest of the crew of Cheers.

We manged to find five of his best cons, dupes, and flim flams and we've ranked them from best to worst.

1. Winning a couple of free drinks off Cliff


2. The Hat get's his whole tab covered


3. The Hat helps Woody make change


4. The Hat and Coach's double cross


5. The $30 bill

RIP Harry Anderson.

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