We all watch those crime TV shows such as criminal minds, Law & Order, NCIS, etc. and think that the criminals are actually idiots and that we know more about the law and crime than they do. Most of the time we probably think we know the law pretty well after watching the shows but do you think you could get away with the perfect crime after watching?

No forensics, no clues, no getting caught but getting away with the perfect crime? According to a new survey done by FOX, they polled 2,000 crime show fans and asked if they think they could get away with the perfect murder. Results show that one in four people think they COULD! While 44% of people just say they think of how they would have done the crime differently but maybe not get away with it.

Don't worry though, the shows are not creating us all into a bunch of criminals! According the survey, more than half of people say the shows have trained them to be observant like a good detective and one in four think they could solve a real crime.

Where do you fall in this spectrum? Criminal or Hero? (Theoretically of course)

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