Fast food is an American staple. With all of our busy lives, we need quick service which usually comes off as greasy but delicious food to satisfy our hunger throughout the day. Each state has a unique fast food they are known for and although we may not all agree we like the same things, people are proud of the creations their home states create.

A culinary magazine, "Food & Wine," recently released an article about every state's fast food and before you get a little too skeptical about their tastes and how they could know Iowa's best fast food.... according to the Des Moines Register, they are actually published by Iowa's Meredith Corporation so they know their stuff when it comes to our state.

According to the article, Iowa's best fast food would be...Maid-Rite. That's right, the Iowa based restaurant going on almost a hundred years in existence has topped the list as the best! This chain is known for it's loose beef sandwich cooked with onion, salt and pepper and then put on a hamburger bun. While other state's spice this up with some sauce to make it a Sloppy Joe, Iowans keep it simple and honestly confuse everyone else about what the sandwich really is. Honestly, in the end as long as you can eat it without getting too messy you are a champ.

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