On Monday, July 1st at midnight, a new law went into effect, causing some restaurants, bars, and distributors to panic.

It's a new state law focused on the use and sale of tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC.

The new law (HF 2605) does not outright ban THC in products like gummies or drinks but does impose limits on it.

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The Basics of Iowa's New THC Law


Age Limits

Only individuals who are 21 and older can buy any consumable THC products like drinks.


If you end up picking up a drink or any consumable hemp product, there will now be a warning label on them. It is said to be similar to the labels on alcohol.

Limits on THC

The part of the new law that has many distributers in a state of limbo. Any sort of consumable hemp product is capped at 4 milligrams of THC per serving and 10 milligrams per container.

What About Synthetic THC?

Synthetic THC is just straight up banned. The use of it is prohibited now with this new law.

What Were the THC Rules Before the Law Passed?

Unsplash - Elsa Olofsson

Before this law went into place, the state of Iowa actually had no age restrictions when it comes to buying products with hemp in it.

However, many individual retailers took it upon themselves to implement age restrictions.

Is Anyone Fighting It?

According to reports, there is a hearing set for a federal judge to rule on the enforcement of this new Iowa law.

In addition, a group of hemp businesses and business owners called the Iowa Hemp Alliance are actually suing the state over this new piece of legislation.

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