Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson says a computer failure between the National Weather Service and the automated system that sounds the sirens is why the tornado sirens didn't go off this past weekend in Black Hawk County.

That signal from the National Weather Service did go out as it should have, however it was not received by the system in Black Hawk County, according to KWWL.

An IT contractor is said to be working to ensure the connection is correctly set-up and solve the problem. Thompson said it is unknown why it did not get received by the system, but it appears to be IP routing failure.

A tornado damaged a farm south of Waterloo Saturday evening and left more than 1,200 without power, according to MidAmerican Energy. Luckily no one was injured.

The storm also produced multiple funnel clouds, including a large one over Evansdale.

(Via KWWL)

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