On "Throw Back Thursday" we look at the most frustrating Nickelodeon game show of all time.

It's laughable thinking back to the hours spent watching Nickelodeon game shows. Any 20 or 30-something nowadays watched these shows with one thought in mind, "I WOULD DOMINATE THIS GAME!" One of the best conversations at the school lunch table would be trying to decide which game we would like to go on. It was always been GUTS, Wild & Crazy Kids and Legends of the Hidden Temple. (It was never "Family Double Dare" because we all knew who in our family would be the biggest liability.)

The hardest game of all of them was Legends of the Hidden Temple. With 120 episodes, only 33 teams made it out of the temple for a win for a total winning percentage of .275.

The good people at Nerdist and Nickipedia, found out which team was the best in each category. The show started with the introduction of the kids. Teams of 2 were assigned to the Red Jaguars, Green Monkeys, Silver Snakes, Blue Barracudas, Purple Parrots, and the Orange Iguanas.

The 6 teams then had to cross The Moat with only 4 teams advancing. The 4 teams then had to make their way down The Steps of Knowledge by answering Olmec's trivia questions narrowing the teams to just 2. Whoever won The Temple Games got to advance and take on The Temple.

In the 120 episodes, this is how many times each team successfully advanced from The Moat:

  • Red Jaguars: 90
  • Green Monkeys: 88
  • Silver Snakes: 88
  • Blue Barracudas: 76
  • Purple Parrots: 70
  • Orange Iguanas: 68

Here are the win/loss records for each team on The Steps of Knowledge based on wins:

  • Green Monkeys: 48-40 (.545)
  • Silver Snakes: 40-48 (.454)
  • Red Jaguars: 40-50 (.444)
  • Purple Parrots: 38-32 (.543)
  • Orange Iguanas: 37-31 (.544)
  • Blue Barracudas: 37-39 (.487)

The Temple Challenges were crucial because this is where you advance but also earn pendants that help you in temple. There were 3 games, the first 2 earning half a pendant and the final game earning a whole one. So if you sweep, you earn 2 full pendants that you can give to the temple guards and they will let you advance. Here is how each team did in the the temple challenges:

  • Green Monkeys: 84-60 (.583)
  • Orange Iguanas: 75-36 (.676)
  • Blue Barracudas: 69-42 (.622)
  • Silver Snakes: 68-52 (.567)
  • Red Jaguars: 65-55 (.542)
  • Purple Parrots: 60-54 (.526)

Now The Temple. Remember only 33 teams out of 120 went into the temple and made it out for the hardest Nickelodeon game ever. Here are our finals winners:

  • Green Monkeys: 8-16 (.333)
  • Silver Snakes: 8-13 (.380)
  • Blue Barracudas: 6-13 (.316)
  • Red Jaguars: 4-16 (.200)
  • Orange Iguanas: 4-21 (.160)
  • Purple Parrots: 3-8 (.543)

So clearly it was best if you were put on the Green Monkeys.  

But the true reason we would sit at home and yell at our television sets is that dang Temple. It could not have been that hard. There was one room that these moronic kids could just not figure out: The Shrine of the Silver Monkey. The fact that these kids couldn't figure out how to put a 3 piece puzzle together was enraging. See for yourself:

No surprise that the team that won in the end was the Green Monkeys. In an era of reboots, it's time that we bring back the greatness that is 90's Nickelodeon. 

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