Nothing makes me think of looking sexy at a beach or laying out in the sunshine tanning like Taco Bell. Um... Wait. What?

Taco Bell just started selling BIKINIS in its online shop.  The pattern on the bikini is different Taco Bell sauce packets. If you're interested, it's $60. Or, you could drive down to the one on La Porte Road, grab a Chalupa and a ton of hot sauce packets and, ya know, make yourself. You could have fun with it too. It could be a kinda... fast food Pinterest project. Maybe do a ranch or a mayo packet version instead?

The bikini is not the not the only summer product Taco Bell just rolled out. They've also got swim trunks, pool floats, beach towels, and a beach umbrella. It's gonna be a spicy, tasty summer!

Want to buy anything or see more options? Here you go. See you at the pool, hot sauce. I mean, stuff.

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