Will you be making money or donating to the pot?

There is a popular tradition in bars around the country that when a football game is on, people can put a dollar amount down on a number and if your number on the grid matches the last number a team has for their score at the end of each quarter, you win the money.

Clearly you want numbers like 0, 3, 4, and 7. Think about it, with 0 if no one scores, you're in the money already. But 10 and 20 are common scores in football so you have great odds there.

3 is also a good number to have. 3 and 13 are very common scores.

4 for two touchdowns and two extra points and actually the most common ending to a football game is 24-17.

Which brings me 7. Obviously a good number to have with a touchdown and an extra point but 7, 17, 27, 37 are all good numbers.

2 is the WORST. Getting a safety is one thing but it takes a lot of field goals to get to 12. (Or two missed extra points for the glass is half empty people). Rarely do you see a 2, 12, or a 22.

Of all the possible outcomes, the best numbers to have in order are: 0...7...4...3...1...6...8...5...9... and finally 2.

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