Have you tried everything imaginable to de-stress when you are stressed out or anxious? Yoga, tea, meditation, napping, reading, etc.? Has any of this worked? What about playing Tetris?

This may seem a little odd being so specific about playing the game Tetris to de-stress but a new study shows that this can really help to lower your stress levels. A study done at the University of California has shown that playing Tetris can improve a person's mental health and lower stress levels. The game of Tetris offers a balance of complexity and simplicity hat keeps people engaged but still relaxed. This leads to the mental state of "flow."

The "flow" mental state is where the the brain is "in the zone" and has a perfect balance of complexity during activities and still allows the person to achieve their goals during the game and get some feedback as to how they are doing. This helping the mind and body to relax and focus on one thing.

If you want to read more about the research you can check it out at goodnewsnetwork.org. Remember the next time you are stressed to pull out Tetris!

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