Yes, I got stuck in the snow during the Minnesota and no, I wasn't prepared to get stuck. After having my car stuck in the snow, getting a ride to an emergency weather shelter, having to stay there for 2 days, getting my car towed out of snow and finally back to Iowa, I learned about a lot of the stuff I should have had or did have to get through this situation.

Not that I want this to happen to anyone else or that I want to worry about this happening to me again, but I think we should all be prepared for the future because 2019 may just be the year of snow.

Here is my Stranded Snow Survival Guide.

1. Blanket in car.

2. Snow Scraper

3. Kitty Litter

4. Shovel

5. Snacks - I am always hungry so this is a must.

6. Charger- Honestly, don't know what I would have done without my phone!

7. Book- you are in it for the long haul

8. Map- if you can read one unlike me, it may come in more handy to you.

9. Change of clothes- you never know how cold it will be.

10 A friend- because it is no fun to do this "adventure" alone and honestly two heads are better than one.

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