You have probably noticed some issues with the sound from your favorite radio station in the Cedar Valley. So what's going on? We FINALLY have and answer and a fix.

First and foremost, the issue should be fixed now, so resume your normal listening habits. That being said, what heck was going on with K-98.5?

Several fans have asked about what is going with their favorite station. Some described it as 'spitting & sputtering'. Others asked why is the station cutting in and out. Well, to be honest, we didn't know (officially) until yesterday.

Those fo you who have been listening on your computer (listen online) or via our radioPup mobile APP should have had zero issues.

This has been an issue for about a month or better, and it kept getting worse and worse as the heat of the summer started rolling into the Cedar Valley. All the while we were chasing ghosts trying to find the problem.

Long story short, the heat was the culprit. All radio stations use what is called an STL (Station Transmitter Links). This is how we send the music from the studio to the transmitter site. The piece of equipment in that STL chain that receives the signal at our transmitter site was not enjoying the hot and humid weather.

It decided to act like a four-year-old when they are told that it's time to leave the playground. The digital information was too much for it to handle as it tried to decode the data, so it just skipped over it. That's what was creating the 'spitting and sputtering' sounds everyone heard.

Like I said, it should be fixed... finally. Believe me when I say that it annoyed me more than then I'm legally allowed to say. I might use a few choice words not so 'family friendly' to share my true feelings.

We appreciate everyone's patience while we dealt with this issue, and thank you to the best fans in the Cedar Valley.

... BUCK

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