Don't mess with the snow! A guy name Cory Lutz in Petersburg, Kentucky decided to build a giant snowman with his fiance and her sister in their front yard over the past weekend. Well apparently, someone decided to be an idiot come Monday and knock it down. A man saw the snowman and tried to run it down with his car, but what he did not realize was that the snowman was built over a tree stump!

Imagine Mr. Lutz's surprise when he came home from work, only to find tire tracks in his front yard and a bumper-shaped dent in the snow against the stump of the snowman. The guy who tried to knock down the snowman is still somewhere in town with a messed up bumper all from a snowman.

In other words, don't mess with the snow because it will come back to bite you in the butt. Full story available here.

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