A British Pet Food Company called OMNI is seeking "a dedicated dog owner to sniff their dog's poop, to test the effect a plant-based diet has on their dog's digestion, stool odor, and general health," OMNI said.

OMNI is requesting an owner to feed their canine Plant-Based food for two months, keeping track of the dog's frequency of bowel movements, poop odor, energy levels, behavior, sleep patterns, weight, and fur condition.


The UK company is offering £5,000 for two months of the diet. In American dollars that levels out to $6,692.87 over the course of two months. To break it down further, it would be $3,346 per month or $111.50 per day to keep track of your dog's poo cycles.


OMNI states that, at the beginning and the end of the two-month testing period, the canine will receive an exam from a registered vet to assess how the transition to the plant-based diet has impacted their digestive and general health. The co-founder of OMNI, Shiv Sivakumar, said customers have reported improved digestion, energy levels, and general health after switching to Plant-Based food.

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"Not only that, we are getting feedback that their dogs' stools have improved in terms of color, consistency, and smell. So, what better way to demonstrate this than by being willing to pay a dog owner to sniff their dog's poop once they've switched to our brand of dog food?" Sivakumar said on the company's website.

Applications are being accepted on the company's website through March 31st. OMNI will pick one winning applicant to be the dog food tester and to receive $6,685.82.

To fill out the application and learn more, go here: OMNI Pet Blog

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