Every state, every city, and every town has something unique about it, including the slang or lingo that they use. I grew up in Minneapolis so I'm used to slang terms like "oh, fer cute!" which would mean adorable. You might be familiar with the term "you betcha" which means agreement. Have you ever heard someone say "ope, just gonna sneak right past ya." You'll hear that used in just about every busy grocery store where I grew up.

I found a few Iowa slang terms from Let's Learn Slang and I want to put you to the test. How many of these terms have you used, heard, and/or understand the meaning of? Are there any missing you think should be added?


Iowa Slang Words and Sayings

Clear Over There - Anything that's at a far distance from you but is usually still visible.

Cornhole - A fun lawn game in which you toss small bags into holes. Some also just call it Bags

Crapids - Nickname for Cedar Rapids

Crick - This is what you might call a small stream of water

Got the Holler Tail - You would use this to describe someone who is cranky or in a foul mood

Going Gravel - This is someone who is going to travel by backcountry roads as opposed to using main roads.

Iowa Nice - I debated adding this to the list because it's so well known in Iowa but this refers to the general friendliness of people in Iowa.

Knee-High by the 4th - This refers to corn ideally being knee-high by July 4th

Kybo - This is one I have never heard. According to Let's Learn Slang Kybo is Iowan slang for port-a-potties

Maid-Rite - This is a type of meat sandwich, similar to a sloppy joe.

Padiddle - I have never heard of this phrase or game in my life. This is a game you would play in the car. If you pass a car with only 1 working headlight, you shout padiddle.

Pork Queen/Princess - This isn't a derogatory name, it's something women are trying to win. This is a beauty pageant of sorts. Women who either work in or are related to someone who works in the local pork industry can enter.

Prarie Lights - This is a well-known bookstore in Iowa, often visited by famous authors.

Ragbrai - An annual bike ride that goes across the entire state of Iowa. People who aren't from Iowa or aren't into cycling might not realize this is an acronym for Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa.

Squinnies - I've never heard of this one. Supposedly it's rural slang in Iowa for squirrels.

Warsh - This one kind of drives me nuts... you're just adding a letting for no reason. This is an accented way of saying wash. Another popular term in rural Iowa.

How many of these have you heard? All of them? Were there any from the Let's Learn Slang article you think should be added or deleted?

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