I'm almost embarrassed to share this since most of us in Iowa know this already. Science has finally proven that no state loves bacon more than Iowa. Almost.

Big thanks to Zippia. They have shared what I believe may be the most profound map in Iowa bacon history. It documents how much each state loves bacon. The bluer the better which is why Iowa is practically royal blue on their map.


The reason I have a smile on my face right now is Iowa is #3 on the bacon-palooza list. There's only one teeny tiny problem. #1 on their list is Nebraska. That's right, Nebraska. (*shudder*)

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How did Zippia make this bacon declaration? Here are the metrics they say they used:

Our data on bacon-loving comes from Ginnys.com. Ginny’s measure bacon enthusiasm by analyzing an impressive (and probably crispy) 64,000 Instagram photos.

The photos were country-wide and tagged #food, #breakfast, #lunch and #dinner. The more of those pictures contained bacon, the more bacon-loving the state.

If they had subtracted 50 points from Nebraska's score (like I would have) just for being Nebraska, Iowa might have been #1. At least we know the truth here.

The fact that we have so many bacon festivals and celebrations tells you all you really need to know about how much Iowa appreciates that stuff pigs provide us.

If I could ask Zippia one question it would be how they came up with their percentages. Their bacon list shows that 83% of Iowans love bacon while 132% of Nebraska people love it. That sounds like math taught in Nebraska to me.

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