One of the highlights of my summer was making a trip out to Des Moines to see the viral sports sensation the Savannah Bananas!

If you've never heard of the Savannah Bananas, think of them like a baseball version of the Harlem Globetrotters. This exhibition team has blown up on social media over the past few years for their hilarious hijinks and their strange rules for "banana ball."

I was lucky enough to go see the team play at one of their two games at Principal Park in the state's capital city this past August. It's a fun party from start to finish!

There are silly activities that the players do before, during, and after the game.

When the game ends, the fun continues! The players come out in front of the stadium to interact with fans, the band plays some tunes, and you can even dance with players from both the Savannah Bananas and the Party Animals.

I even snagged a video of my mom dancing with the guys!

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The team announced the cities that they will be making stops at for the 2024 Banana Ball World Tour on the evening of Thursday, October 6th.

They broke the news in a draft style like reveal on social media. As of right now, the team will be traveling to at least twenty-six cities across the country. One of those stops just so happens to be in Iowa.

When Will the Bananas Return to Iowa?

After selling out both games this August, the team will be returning to Des Moines in 2024. Officials confirm that the Bananas will be in town for three days this time around!

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How Do I Get Tickets to the Games?

Tickets for these games sell out incredibly quickly. Officials from the Savanah Bananas confirm that if you would like to get tickets for any of their games, you should join their Ticket Lottery List here. 

Just a heads up: joining this mailing list does not necessarily mean you'll automatically get tickets. 

About two months before the game (July for the Iowa game), a random drawing will take place. If drawn, you'll be able to purchase up to four tickets for the game.

Tickets will cost about $35 for open seating and VIP Meet and Greet tickets will start at $100.




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