Imagine... you are driving down a road by the Cedar River for Christmas, and you look over to see Santa on a jet ski. That is what many people driving through the Corridor witnessed on a surprisingly warm Christmas day.

This was a fun and simple way to spread Christmas cheer in Iowa.

A few short videos have popped up of this Santa on a jet ski, and it looks like he was riding up and down the river for a while waving at cars driving by. While it looks fun, I bet it was still freezing to do..

Source: Iowa Jet Ski
Source: Iowa Jet Ski

The Video

Here is one of the videos of Santa cruising down the Cedar River. Iowa Santa may just be the coolest Santa now.

Sadly this wasn't the real Santa on Christmas, or a cool Cedar Rapids mall Santa.

The Jet Ski Rider

This was done by the owner of a local jet ski rental spot in the Cedar Rapids area. It was the owner of Iowa Jet Ski named Michael.

attachment-411300066_342143935234386_3486051509070460363_n (1)

*Remember this was done by a professional, and could be dangerous.*

All that was missing was the reindeer. Hard to believe it was somehow warm enough on Christmas day in Iowa to do this, but It did make for a fun video. What a goofy way to wrap up 2023.

Did you see Santa this year? Was he on a jet ski or were there other Iowans spreading cheer? Let us know today. Happy Holidays everyone.

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