You're cold. I'm cold. 75% of the country is cold... You know who else is cold? Your pet. Whatever you do during these next few days, don't forget about our furry friends.

Here's some pet tips to remember when it gets so brutally cold out:

  • Don't leave your pets outside. If you know someone who does, ask them to bring the pet inside.
  • Don't let that fur fool you, just like humans, dogs and cats can suffer from frostbite in just minutes, mainly on feet, ears and tails.
  • Fatten 'em up! Extra pounds keeps animals kept outside warmer. Double up on their food intake when the weather is so cold.
  • Snow isn't water, and water bowls freeze. Animals need access, to clean, fresh and unfrozen water.
  • Feral barn cats still need proper shelter and protection from the elements.
  • Does your cat like to go outside and roam? Cats who spend time outside can freeze or climb into the bottom of warm cars for warmth. That's a great way for your pet to go on a long adventure that they may not come back from.
  • If you see a dog or cat in need of a help, become that animal's advocate. They cannot talk, but you can. Chat with the owner, and if that doesn't work, contact an animal shelter or animal control office.

(Source: Local4 - Detroit)

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