With the upcoming heat wave sweeping the country this weekend, it is important to keep some safety tips in mind for you and your family this weekend to avoid any serious consequences.

I want to help you enjoy the HOT weekend coming up and to do that it is important to keep you and your family healthy and safe while enjoying the heat (I mean, it's not snowing so we are all rejoicing!). Here are 7 tips from the Red Cross for you to beat the heat and stay safe:

1. Have a plan for if the power goes out.  Power outages are actually more common during heat waves so have a plan for wherever you might be, like home, work, or school. If you need some ideas, you can check out the Red Cross website to make sure you are covered.

2. If you don't have air conditioning (I am so sorry!), have a list of places you can go to for relief during the hottest part of the day.

3.Never leave kids or pets alone in a car. This should be an every day thing but especially during the heat!

4. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids even if you don't feel thirsty and keep those around you hydrated as well.  Also, try to avoid caffeine or alcohol as it can actually make you dehydrated!

5. Eat smaller meals more often instead of two or three big meals.

6.  If you have to work outdoors, take lots of breaks or use a buddy system to make sure there are no signs of dehydration or passing out.

7. Check on family, friends, and neighbors who don't have air conditioning or live alone as they are at the most risk!

Stay hydrated and have a good weekend!

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