As much as life has stopped recently during COVID-19 with restaurants, bars and stores having closed to slow the spread, there are still some every day essential places that people will have to go to. Errands like going to the grocery stores for essentials, going to the bank and even getting gas are every day essential errands that must happen. So, it's important to learn some tips while running these essential errands to stay safe and healthy during these times.

The Centers for Disease Control have released a list of tips on how to keep your self healthy when running essential errands. Here are the basics that you should know:

  • Stay Home When Sick- This is probably the most important. I know we all have stuff we need to do in life and push ourselves to do these tasks when we are sick. However, it is very important to stay home when we are sick in order to stop the spread of COVID-19.
  • Online Order/Curbside Pickup- Try to do this as much as possible whether it's for groceries or pharmacy prescriptions to avoid contact
  • Hand Sanitizer- Whenever you leave a store, doctor's office, pharmacy or have contact with someone make sure to use hand sanitizer or wash your hands after you leave.
  • Talk to Doctor on Phone- Avoid going to an area where their are germs and illnesses in the area. Call your doctor first before going into a waiting room.
  • Wear Gloves at Gas Pumps- Gas pumps have the worst spread for germs because of how many people use it, so try to wear gloves and wipe down the gas pumps when at a gas station.

There are a ton more tips to keep yourself healthy during this pandemic and to stop the spread of COVID-19. Go to for more helpful tips.


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