Let's get one thing straight here, if you live in the Midwest and don't like ranch then you aren't a true Midwesterner. Sorry to inform you of this but you may need to leave the Midwest. However, for those of us who LOVE ranch, well the perfect Christmas stocking is here.

Hidden Valley ranch is now selling the perfect holiday gift... a Christmas stocking filled with ranch! (it's about time) Seriously, they are selling a stocking made out of plastic with a spout on top that holds 52 ounces of ranch dressing....

Ummm....SIGN ME UP! You can now preorder these stockings for $35 and they will be shipped to you by early next month. So if you have a ranch dressing lover in the family this may be the perfect gift... or you know it could just be an early Christmas gift to yourself, I totally get not wanting to share  your ranch.

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