There are only so many ways and times that we can tell people to PLEASE practice social distancing during this time of Coronavirus. We know it's hard because human beings are meant to be sociable people. We need human interaction daily to give us energy and a purpose, so if this has been a little difficult for you why not reward yourself?

Wendy's has just announced that they are offering a free Jr. Frosty with every drive-thru order. Now, that's a way to reward yourself for social distancing! Of course we know that all Wendy's closed their dining rooms as of March 17th but they are open for carryout, pickup, delivery and drive-thru. Of course the Frosty's come in chocolate and vanilla and although a Jr. is normally only 80 cents it's still nice to get it free. I mean doesn't matter how cheap an item is, free is always better.

So go ahead and get off your couch and if you can, hit up a Wendy's in the Cedar Valley for your free frosty and some good food! I promise it will make your day just a little better.

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