Wendy's just keeps stepping up to the plate during this pandemic.

We are all going stir crazy during this quarantine right now, that is a fact. What is also a fact is that Wendy's chicken nuggets can keep the crazy away during this quarantine. Okay maybe that is not a fact but it has worked in my experience and recently I have had Wendy's A LOT (I can't cook)... but here is an actual fact... Wendy's is give away free chicken nuggets this Friday!

No joke, On Friday, April 24th Wendy's will be giving out free "nugs"! Customers can get free 4 pc. chicken nuggets from the Wendy's drive thru just by pulling up and asking for them. There is no purchase of other items necessary.

You may be thinking this has to be a joke, where are the strings attached? Well, there aren't any! Literally just get your free 4 pc. by going through the drive thru. I am not going to lie though, I just might have to get a small frosty to dip my nugs in.


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