These are really annoying things that people are doing on Snapchat that need to stop.

I would never claim to be perfect, and I am also guilty of a couple these. But we can all clean up these Snapchat faux pas.

  • Voice Changing Filters - Who would have thought that this was a good idea? If you want to make your video immediately annoying, use these high pitched voice changing filters.
  • Your Pet - Seeing a story of what your cat is doing is not entertaining and just makes us want to quick tap as fast as we can.
  • Severe Weather - We have all seen rain, hail, strong wind blowing trees, lightning, floods, and snow. Also, odds are, I am seeing the same thing you are.
  • Concerts/Sporting Events - If you want to take a picture where your seats are or how close you are to the artist or the action, great! But that's all we need... just the one picture. We can't hear what song they are playing. We hear the people around you. Stop videoing the whole concert.
  • Food - You know we don't get to eat the food you show us, right?
  • Your Significant Other Asleep - It's weird enough that you are watching them sleep let alone inviting us into that situation.
  • Typical Tourist Photo - This includes pushing over or holding up The Leaning Tower of Pisa, holding up the Hollywood sign, kissing the Sphinx on the lips, crossing Abbey Road, or the Rocky pose at the top of the steps. These are unoriginal and hack tourist photos. Don't be THAT guy/gal.
  • Sending to an Individual AND Your Story - If you send your picture to someone, you want them to see it. If you add it to your story, you want everyone to see it. It doesn't feel very special getting a picture someone wants you to see and then see that they wanted everyone to see it, too.

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