One young fan was in for an amazing surprise at the Cedar Rapids stop on the 'Glad You're Here' tour.

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Walker Hayes and Parmalee dropped by Eastern Iowa on Friday, October 21st for a sold-out show at the Alliant Energy PowerHouse.

The Cedar Rapids show had the North Carolina natives open for Hayes. Parmalee's front man Matt Thomas has been loving his time on tour with the 'Fancy Like' singer.

Kerri Mac OCT 2022
Kerri Mac OCT 2022

"The crowds have been packed out every night..." Thomas said, "Walker is a great dude. It's been fun meeting his family. Everyone's just been walking around dancing."

Parmalee has seen major commercial success with three #1 singles over the past few years with 'Caroline', 'Just The Way', and 'Take My Name.'

On their recent tour stops, the band has become known for something else; inspiring the next generation of musicians. The band's guitarist/keyboardist Josh McSwain has been customizing guitars to give out for each show.

"We're promoting sticking to your guns," Thomas explained. "...if you're an artist or a guitar player or just anyone just betting on yourself, we kind of want to encourage that especially with kids out there."

For each show, the group goes out and buys a guitar and Josh decorates it with his own creative designs.

This tradition that the group has been doing continued in Cedar Rapids. After Josh ripped a solo the band sought out someone in the crowd to gift the guitar to. They found a young kid named Joe who already played guitar.

After handing the young musician the instrument, Matt Thomas realized that the band forgot to sign it.

"This is gonna come right back!" Thomas said to Joe.

After getting their hands on a silver sharpie, the lead singer carefully handed the guitar back to the eager fan. Before wrapping up this moment, Thomas left Joe with some parting words.

"Next time we come back to town, I hope to see you on stage right here. I'd pay to see that!"

You can watch a video of the full interaction down below!

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