There's a thought most people in 'flyover' country have when we see homes in Los Angeles: 'WOW, that must cost a fortune.' And many homes do. In LA, one-million bucks doesn't necessarily get you a lot of home. It may get you into a good neighborhood, but that really may be it. There's NO doubt you get more home in Iowa than southern California.

Well, I searched and searched listings in Los Angeles and I actually found a really nice LA home for a million. I compared it to a home in Cedar Falls to see where (and what) you get for a mil in each location.

First off, a tail of the tape:

So there you have the basics, which I'll remind you of once we start. Speaking of, let's dive in!

Here is All The House You Get for $1 Million Dollar in Cedar Falls vs. Los Angeles

Got an extra mil? Don't move to Los Angeles, you can get waaay more house in the Cedar Valley.

Now that you've seen one from Cedar Falls, check out Oelwein's most costly property:

This is the most expensive home for sale in Oelwein

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