Olivia Lane is literally finding her voice again with her new song "Nothing Changes," but she's shining a spotlight on her fans in the track's accompanying music video. Readers can press play above to see the new clip, which is premiering exclusively on The Boot.

Lane co-wrote "Nothing Changes" at the end of May 2019 with Kat Higgins and Matt Nolen. She describes the song as "a timeless message," summed up by its first chorus line: "Nothing changes if nothing changes."

"Right now the whole world is in a massive chapter of much-needed change. Empathy and vulnerability with yourself and with others is in serious need today in our world," Lane muses of the wild year that makes her new song's message even more pertinent. "Change can be a scary thing that rocks the boat of comfort, but for me personally, I want my life to be a journey, and every great journey has its ups and downs, with chapters of comfort and chapters of discomfort. But the discomfort leads to breakthroughs on the other side. Through the ups and downs, you learn to love yourself, you learn to love others, and you keep continuously learning about the world."

Lane has learned a thing or two about loving herself in the last few years, after losing her voice in mid-2017, following two years of heavy touring. A hectic, stressful schedule meant Lane wasn't taking care of herself, choosing instead to keep her anxieties at bay and push ahead; "eventually," she says, "my body caught up with how mentally fatigued, stressed and anxious I was, and my voice started disappearing little by little."

When that happened, Lane chose to quit touring and focus on vocal rehab. She soon learned, however, that her mind and soul needed healing, too.

"I went to speech therapy, vocal therapy, emotional therapy, all the therapy! I tried it all," Lane shares, explaining that she discovered "lots of wounds and incorrect thinking patterns" that she, and she alone, had to learn how to change. She adds, "I realized I had no idea how to take care of myself. It's amazing how my body eventually caught up to what I was refusing to deal with mentally."

"Nothing Changes," Lane says, asks the same questions she was forced to ask herself: "Are you going to grow? Are you going to shed those negative thought patterns and learn to love yourself? Are you going to show up and be your own hero? Are you going to choose to love instead of hate?"

These days, Lane admits that her anxiety and stress aren't totally gone -- they likely never will be, she knows -- "but they've become much quieter." More importantly, Lane is equipped with the tools and knowledge she needs to cope: healthy living habits, a good therapist, loving friends and family, and newfound faith.

"Celebrating the small wins and the constant quest of truly being in the moment are [also] things I strive to stay connected to," Lane continues, "because I know it's what makes my heart happy."

A Texas native, Lane moved from Houston to Nashville in 2013; she's also spent time in Los Angeles, Calif., studying theater and songwriting at the University of Southern California and pursing an acting career. Fans can keep up with what she's got going on at OliviaLane.com.

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